The Ultimate 244-Step Email Checklist for E-commerce

Discover the checklist that will make it super easy for e-commerce & agency owners to maximize sales with Email & SMS marketing without spending any extra money on advertising.

Did you know that email can make up to 40% of your total online store revenue?

And that’s with $0 ad cost!

I’ll be honest with you. Not many stores are even close to that number. Email & SMS marketing is overwhelming 🥵 for many e-commerce owners and they simply don’t know what and how to set things up, let alone stay consistent with newsletters.

The 3 biggest mistakes most online stores are missing out on big bucks:

They aren't using the full potential of automated emails.
They don't send out nearly enough emails.
Their opt-in and open rates are way below average.
That’s why I’ve created The Ultimate Email checklist with 244 checkpoints that you can easily implement right now to unlock hidden profits.

This Ultimate Email Checklist includes:

61 checkpoints to build a complete set of email automation flows that will generate up to 30% of your total revenue

Get the exact steps to set up the 13 most profitable drip campaigns you need for ALL phases of your shopper’s journey. Use high-converting examples, subject lines, and calls to action that are proven to work on $100M+ stores. The Email checklist will make it super easy for you to implement everything on your own and skyrocket your revenue.

The 7 emails you need to schedule in order to squeeze out every single dollar out of all your future sales events

If you want to earn big bucks on sale events like Easter, Halloween, and Black Friday, then you need to be organized and schedule everything in advance. Missing just 1 email or SMS can cost you thousands of $$. You’ll also discover 19 checkpoints to craft a profitable offer without cutting into your profit margins too much and maximize sales.